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1.1 KiB


Note: this mod is client side only and won't work on servers

very WIP

See the pipeline artifacts for the latest build here (click the 3 little dots on the right of the latest build)

Place this mod's .jar file inside your mods folder

You also need the libs/baritone-unoptimized-fabric-1.8.0.jar file in your mods folder also when running


  • baritone for movement
  • slap autotool on top (probs just meteor or someshit)
  • slap mob aimbot/triggerbot on top (probs just meteor or someshit)
  • slap bed aura for dragoon (probs just meteor or someshit)
  • slap autofood (probs just meteor or someshit)
  • gonna need an autocrafting mod (probably gonna have to make this one)
  • shield aura ?
  • probs gonna need to make something to get stronghold (u can trace direct line of eye throw and it will intersect with exact middle of chunk)
  • probs gonna need custom logic for end portal eyes activation
  • bow aimbot might be a more reliable but slower idea ?
  • ????
  • profit