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Kay bd9793139a thinker offline 3 hours ago
Kay f007dbc29a cooler beans 3 hours ago
Kay 4de4c95eec cool beans 3 hours ago
Kay 2ecb7b5119 thinker starting to blugh 3 hours ago
Kay 59a5171ea6 more access less stylyzizasition 3 hours ago
Kay 01419da75a prettier boops 4 hours ago
Kay c2bdcd397b tada styling 4 hours ago
Kay 3fcc4d6315 we love todos they generally get done wink wink wink 5 hours ago
Kay b3121dffc0 actually salty about this one 6 hours ago
Kay be2482e9cf for 2050 6 hours ago
Kay 291fe0fd3a no clue why i did this in the first place 6 hours ago
Kay 201f538e74 surely opengraph can figure out a url on its own (would make my life easier) 6 hours ago
Kay e3a1504eb1 fix header embeds thingies 6 hours ago
Kay 60e29f5709 this is a pnpm household now 7 hours ago
Kay 8c9a006d46 more pnpm 7 hours ago
Kay 33fbd6301f new article draft woo 7 hours ago
Kay 7819ce8094 update readme 8 hours ago
Kay af780c66b2 fix editor linenr 8 hours ago
Kay f8978a4f2b add pnpm and bump to new komponents 8 hours ago
Kay 1470aba1a9 meow 3 weeks ago
Kay 636a2f0f25 meow 3 weeks ago
Kay 4da1e7aaf8 uninstalled this thing a whiiiile back already 4 weeks ago
Kay ffe49a3361 yikes 4 weeks ago
Kay 10c439a02e paypal donos 4 weeks ago
Kay cd2bd19391 🔥 4 months ago
Kay b91f47a99d update post a bit ig 4 months ago
Kay 914ef57fb3 emoji :D 4 months ago
Kay f30a011a25 add back topics since fetch is done once at build time anyways 4 months ago
Kay ba3f508daa update about 4 months ago
Kay 41295bb48f fix line nrs and bump packages 4 months ago
Kay d0e5ce1f58 umami 4 months ago
Kay 768acbf997 bump 4 months ago
Kay 478722c431 make the urls funy 4 months ago
Kay 417beeee3d add boops mvp 4 months ago
Kay 80a3dd10db capitalism has ended 4 months ago
Kay 2002b69b28 redme 4 months ago
Kay 557ff43772 upgrade chakra utils 4 months ago
Kay a38517b5f7 upgrade eslint react 4 months ago
Kay e0fb75e82e upgrade a bunch of deps and fix weird hydration error in dev 4 months ago
Kay 476b6f3ed9 add build to test (server is started by playwrite already) 4 months ago
Kay cb48641c2d revert back to server side whatever 4 months ago
Kay 3a1c411532 lowercase stuff idk i think i was still under the impression this thign was ever going to land me a job but eh idk i think i want to rethink the about page at least the capitalisms part 4 months ago
Kay 3f44fa80ff license typo 5 months ago
Kay 82a14e24a4 fetch 5 months ago
Kay fce0d89b29 update stuffs 5 months ago
Kay 8233911eea update stuffs 5 months ago
Kay b39c601279 newlicense 5 months ago