schedule git commits to pass as "normal" timezone person
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i am not responsible for any loss of generated value (work) incured

this is an early stage project and things might go wrong only run it if you understand what is going on


$ git clone

$ yarn

npm package

$ npm_config_registry= npx @kay/git-scheduler@latest

you can override start, end or rate specifically per project by creating a .git-scheduler file

  "start": "2022-01-14T08:29:34.626Z",
  "end": "2022-01-14T08:29:35.611Z",
  "rate": 666

you do not have to specify every key, you can simply override rate only for a given repository if you want for example


  • tell it how many of the last commits to schedule (they are converted to patch files and removed from head)
  • configure your work hours
  • configure the rate at which you want to generate value for capitalistic overlords



the first time you run the tool it will guide you through some setup

if you ever want to access this mode again use the -c or --config flag

a demo of the configuration mode screen

patch creation

this mode allows you to select however many of the latest unpushed commits you want and create patches for them

it is the default mode of the tool, you don't need to pass it any flags

a demo of the patch creation mode screen


this mode will simply apply all the currently stored patches for the repository with their original creation dates

you access this mode with the -a or --apply flag

a demo of the apply mode screen


daemon mode is the capitalistic society conformist value generation mode

it will automatically schedule your commits depending on your work preferences

you access this mode with the -d or --daemon flag

a demo of the daemon mode screen