docker-compose service files and caddy reverse proxy config for
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  • machine A (home computer)
    • runs all services via docker-compose
    • all services load-balanced by traefik
    • is wireguard host
  • machine B (cheap vps)
    • is wireguard client
    • reverse-proxies all traffic with Caddy2

machine a (host)


  • docker
  • docker-compose


  • first ./host/_traefik
  • then all services in ./host/*

there is ./host/crontab ran as root to clean logs and run cron job for nextcloud until i make it a container thingy

machine b (proxy)

see ./proxy/ for an idea of how to setup the proxy

custom caddy build with

  • layer4
  • gandi dns

easiest way is to go to you can download custom builds

the configuration i use is in ./proxy/Caddyfile.json

see for how to generate creds and set GANDI_API_KEY environment var so that the service can access it (if running with systemd systemctl edit caddy and google how to add overrides to a system service)

i use systemd and had to edit the caddy.service file because by default it uses Caddyfile

there is no "json" adapter (don't try, wasted many time on that), instead you simply need to make sure the config file ends with .json and it should work (yeah because caddy devs really like to think filename suffixes make the format, cant just put json in Caddyfile directly) /rant


  • proper fix comfy center (wildcards without tls ???)