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Warning: ProtocolLib is required.

Note: this mod is server side only and won't work on clients

Place this mod's .jar file inside your mods folder

Recommended Plugins

  • NoCheatsPlus
  • LuckPerms
  • ExploitFixer
  • ViaVersion
  • ProtocolLib
  • AnarchyX ♥


Requires openjdk 11

$ git clone

$ cd anarchyx

$ ./gradlew build


See the config.yml file for an idea of the features. Performance hit is currently 1.5% of total tick time, you can check yourself. I aim to keep it below 5.

  • packet checks (limit chunk packet abuses, colored chat with prefix)
  • commands (dupe, stats, discord...)
  • events (motds, full customizable cheat checks...)

See the plugin.yml file for an idea of the permissions.